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7070 Bovey Avenue
Inver Grove Heights, MN  55076

02/26/12 Romans 8:31-39

 Leader: Pastor Biebert

Meeting Time: 8:00 AM & 10:15 AM


Romans 8:31-39



This statement of Christian confidence ranks high on people’s All-Time-Favorite-Bible-Sections list. Romans 8 provides comfort and courage in life’s darkest hours. Even if these words seem very familiar, try reading them as if you were seeing them for the first time. Let God’s love for you sink in.

  1. Is it “if” or “since” (8:31)?



Jesus used this same kind of argument when He tried to convince people it’s foolish to worry and be afraid. God takes care of the birds and sheep, and even for wild flowers. Why wouldn’t He take care of you?

  1. You’re trying to find the right words for a friend going through hard times. How do you paraphrase 8:32?



Understanding our date with God’s justice system is critical. Remember when that court date took place. Remember that God did not find you innocent because of judicial oversight or a technicality. The highest court, the most relentless investigation, comes up with no evidence against us now.

  1. Why can’t anyone charge us with any sin (8:33)? Think of a Bible situation where people blamed the victim for his/her misfortunes.



God’s relentless investigation found a surprise perpetrator – Jesus. Who brought this evidence to light? Jesus!

  1. “I am so going to hell for that!” What hope does 8:34 give people who are busted?




5.     What ammunition can Jesus possibly use to defend us when God’s got us dead to rights (8:34)?



In 8:31–34 Paul proved that God cannot fail us, but is it possible that we can fail Him? Suppose we face a great moral challenge, and we fail? Then what? God does not shelter us from life’s difficulties. We need them for our spiritual growth (5:3–5). Romans 8:28 assures us tough times work for us, not against us. God permits them to work for our good as a credit to Him.

6.     “Which of the following scenarios means God doesn’t love us anymore?” How would you change this restatement of 8:35 to make it more accurate?




7.     Why the pessimistic attitude in 8:36?



We are “more than conquerors.” Literally, we are “ueber-conquerors” because of what Jesus has done in our place. This is not a promise with conditions attached: “If you do this, God will do that.” “The love of Christ” is His love for believers. It’s what He’s done for us, not our love for Him that is our safety net.

8.     How would the situations in 8:38-39 disrupt our trust in God’s love?




Lent details the otherwise unbelievable love of God for the likes of us sinners. Let the past haunt me and the present scare me and the future terrify me! It’s all just noise in the night. We have something real. We have Jesus, His life and damnation death in our place. That scares away terrors.

1.     How does this section connect to Mark 1:12-15? What’s the connection to Genesis 22:1-18?



  1. Which of the circumstances in 8:38-39 seem most real to you?



  1. What is the only thing that can separate us from Jesus and His love?